This is a test of the emergency blogging system

There’s a phrase in Spanish that says “El que calla otorga.” It means, the one who is silent forfeits.

Well, I’ve forfeit for far too long, and in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my manifesto, as it were.

What’s the gist of it, you ask? (I’m so glad you asked!)

Like me, too many women are waiting around. Waiting for a magical moment to happen. For Mr. Right to come sweep them off their feet. Well, honey, I’ve been waiting for 10 years and guess what? We haven’t met because I haven’t made it a priority in my life to make the hard decisions.

I haven’t had the discipline of choosing between what I want now and what I want most.

I’ve sat around in my pajama jeans and gone to church events without even trying to enter into community with the people I call “my friends.” But how can I really call them my friends if I’m not doing life with them?

I’ve made half-hearted efforts to put myself out there without really trying to get to know people in a deep and honest way, instead of my usual superficial small talk sort of acquaintanceships.

I’ve neglected my health, physical and mental, convincing myself that I’m not as important as my work or those who are close to me.

I’ve done unto others, as they say, much more than I’ve ever cared to do for myself.

I’ve focused on fads and frivolities instead of classic style and moderation. I’m learning to invest in my appearance, trusting my gut for what really looks good on me instead of following the shifting sands of fashion.

I’m not entirely sure where this path will lead me. Will it lead me to Mr. Right? Only God really knows. But this I do know – whether or not that gallant gent ever makes an appearance, this BA chick will be on a lifelong mission of becoming Miss Right.



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