Some stains only come out with bleach… and fasting

When I was a kid my parents bought a fixer-upper that was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. My mom got to choose all of the finishes during the renovations. My least favorite of these was the white porcelain sink that she to complete the all-white kitchen. This sink was the bane of my chore-ish existence.

No matter how much I would scrub dish soap or multipurpose cleaner, the streaks wouldn’t budge. Even my beloved magic eraser was powerless against them. It wasn’t till I pulled out the big guns – the white bottle of stinky bleach, that the cowardly yellow stains would start to tremble.

Within seconds of contact, the surface was renewed to its pearly white sheen.

Last week, we started a time in the Christian church known as Lent. It’s a time for spiritual renewal as we get ready to remember the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It’s a time for us to let go of the things in our lives that are keeping us from renewing that covenant with Christ (or perhaps keeping us from making it for the first time).

Still, there are things in our lives that we want to let go of , but we feel we’re stuck. We pray, we seek counsel, we go to the sacraments, but we still feel stuck.

Jesus’ disciples once tried to set someone free from a demon that was torturing a boy. They tried everything they knew how, but couldn’t break the hold it had on him. Jesus gave them the solution. He said, “This kind can only come out through prayer and fasting.” (Mark 9:29)

That is exactly what Lent beckons. A time of prayer and fasting so that we can be free from the things in our lives that tie us down, that keep us from fulfilling our God-given potential.

I invite you to take this first step towards becoming Miss (or Mr.) Right by asking the Lord to set you free from the things in your life that are tying you down. Ask earnestly in prayer (which is simply an honest conversation with God). And if you feel that the hold is too strong. Offer a fast, earnestly offering it up to God, and He will honor your sacrifice.


If you want to learn more about fasting, visit The Catholic Gentleman’s guide to fasting

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