Honesty + Love = Authenticity

There’s a climactic scene in Pitch Perfect (spoiler alert)

The antagonist, Chloe, has struggled with fear and has conformed to what she thinks is the “right” way to do things, all the while stifling her inner voice. Her breakthrough comes when she stops holding things in and literally throws up all of her pent up frustration and anxiety. It’s a really gross scene, but one that I utterly identified with.

How many times have I figuratively swallowed my own thoughts and feelings in the name of doing what is polite and nice, instead of doing and saying what is just and kind?

One of my core goals with this blog is to become more authentic. Not as a public diary of my hopes and dreams, but as a place where I can tell the truth in love. Not share thinly veiled niceties about how we wish the world could be, but raw, real beautiful stories that can help lift each other up.

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