Be like a tree?

This morning a friend sent me this video from Vlog Brothers Hank and John Green. It was about a beautiful tree that a man named Patrick Svedberg started photographing. He called it the Broccoli Tree, and one picture at a time, he made the tree famous. So famous, in fact, that it became a tourist destination in that city.

(Spoiler alert) Sadly, the tree’s adventure ends in a tragic encounter with a saw. But the point John makes is that while things in this world don’t last forever, by our sharing them with others, their story can.

Today, at work, we remembered the founder of our organization who was a great man. He often said “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”  Though he was a tough cookie, was an inspiring visionary.  We worked for him, we admired him, and we’ve missed him deeply this long year.

Just like the tree, he passed through our lives leaving it a little bit better and brighter. We keep in our hearts snapshots of the inside jokes and ridiculous stories. (Like when he would sing “Maria” from West Side Story to me over and over and over again.) We also keep the difficult times and the challenges that frustrated us, but ultimately helped us grow as humans.

So, on a day like today, I want to remember, but I also want to keep moving forward. I want to keep my eyes open to seeing those beautiful trees that are already in my life, but that maybe I haven’t pulled into focus yet.

We are meant to bring joy to the lives of those whose lives intersect with ours – Are you being seen? Are you standing tall like the Broccoli Tree?

The Broccoli Tree (Photo by Patrik Svedberg)

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